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Written for 500themes @ LJ; 311 – For the child I will sing.

Title: A Voice Hoping to Reach

Author/Artist: unsugared aka Miracchin

Rating: G

Fandom: Digimon Adventure 02

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Ishida Yamato, flashback appearance of Takaishi Takeru

Theme: 311. For the child I will sing

Genre/s: Family

Warnings: Slight spoilers for the audio drama, 'The Original Story: 2 ½ Year Break; Yamato's track: As I Play the Bass'.

Words: 396

Summary: He sings, for that person far away. And now the painful waiting is over.

Disclaimer/Claimer: Toei, Bandai and the likes own this awesome-ness, and they are definitely not me.


His voice comes out smoothly, words gliding out of his mouth with ease. )




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Title: Of Siblings and Love/Hate Feelings

Fandom: Anime – Digimon Adventure 02

Summary: Takeru asks a question that make Yamato thinks of his actions.

Warning: Spoilers for 02 episode 4. The part where Yamato threatens to beat Daisuke for talking bad about Jun.

A/N: I was re-watching the 02 series, and this part makes me think. Would Yamato hit Takeru if Takeru said what Daisuke said about Jun?

Disclaimer: Mine? Not.


I can never hate you, nor will I ever say bad things about you. You're too important for me to see you hurt from my words. )


This is the place where [personal profile] amirah or known as unsugared at LJ put her fanworks.

Disclaimer: I own none of these fandoms I've wrote fanfictions for. So don't sue.

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