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Title: I'll Be There Soon
Author/Artist: unsugared aka Miracchin
Rating: G
Fandom: Beyblade
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Ray Kon, Stanley Dickenson/none
Theme: 195. Somewhere out there.
Genre/s: Gen
Warnings: Spoilers for Ray's past.
Words: 1348
Summary: His village; his world, the place where he belongs, but Ray knows this is not where he wants to be.
Disclaimer/Claimer: Me no own anything.


Even until now, in a small part of his mind, he still wished he had followed his uncle. )



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Title: His Other Job

Fandom: Animanga – Fairy Tail

Rating: G

Summary: The newer members of Fairy Tail find out that Gray has another job. [Slight NatsuxGray]

Warning: Crack, Fairy Tail members

A/N: Based on one of the chapter covers featuring Gray.

Disclaimer: Me, own Fairy Tail? Trying to be funny, are you?


Lucy does not know if Mira is directing the last sentence to her or Natsu. Most probably both of them. )



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Title: The Tale of the Icy and the Drunk

Fandom: Animanga – Fairy Tail

Rating: PG-13

Summary: It is an unusual day in Fairy Tail. Until they find out that Cana is drunk, and how that never bodes well for Gray.

Warning: Crack, Fairy Tail members

A/N: My GrayxCana muse attacks again! This time, it won't keep quiet until I actually write this down.

Disclaimer: Me, own Fairy Tail? Trying to be funny, are you?


Just then Gray came in, lifting a hand in greeting with a small smile on his face. )




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Title: What We Should Be

Fandom: Animanga – Fairy Tail


Summary: They have three years; it was more than enough. [LokexGray]

Warning: Randomly made past about these two, slight-OOC-ness and, of course, Fairy Tail members (they have to be included in the warning).

A/N: A very, very late Christmas fic for shiny_pichu (LJ), who wished for a GrayxLoke fic. I've tried my best, I'm sorry if it's not up to what you want.

Disclaimer: Me, own Fairy Tail? Trying to be funny, are you?


They met for the first time when Gray was 15, and Loke had just joined Fairy Tail. )



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Title: Of Stripping and Stalkers
Fandom: Fairy Tail
Rating: PG (For language… and a bit of perverted-ness)
Summary: Gray has a stalker, and it is not even Lluvia. Crack.
A/N: My first FT fanfic. Thanks to Arina for giving me this random crack-ish idea. And no, you're not innocent. Far from it.


Gray was getting paranoid. )


This is the place where [personal profile] amirah or known as unsugared at LJ put her fanworks.

Disclaimer: I own none of these fandoms I've wrote fanfictions for. So don't sue.

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